The Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has affected almost every aspect of our daily lives. Safety is now paramount and the way we travel, conduct trade, and encourage tourism will be different as a result.


Here in Southwest Michigan, our businesses are committed to protecting the health and safety of our communities. We have implemented workplace controls, purchased personal protective equipment (PPE), and have changed how we do business to protect employees and consumers alike.


Businesses who go above and beyond in the name of safety deserve to be recognized. And we'd like to recognize them in a way that informs consumers about their commitment to best practices.

As such, we are proud to introduce the Southwest Michigan Safe campaign.


Here's what it entails:

  1. Take the pledge to keep Southwest Michigan Safe.

    • Affirm your commitment to keeping your employees and customers safe by signing the pledge on the next page.

  2. Display your commitment for all to see.

    • Once you’ve taken the pledge, print and share it with your employees. We also recommend displaying it in your store.

    • You can also opt to purchase Southwest Michigan Safe window decals, stickers, and other collateral to display as visual reinforcement of your pledge.

    • Chamber members who take the pledge are entitled to one free Southwest Michigan Safe window decal.

The Southwest Michigan Safe campaign is powered by The Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber of Commerce. It is open to members and non-members alike. All public, private, and non-profit entities are welcome to participate and their involvement will be promoted on this website and through other channels.

Studies indicate the retailers who emphasize safety, offer convenience, and show a sense of purpose are in the best position to succeed now and post-pandemic. ([F]indings from Capgemini Research Institute’s "The Consumer and COVID-19" survey)

Take the pledge and head to the shop to claim your decal today!​​​

The Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber is a member-based organization working to help our area rebound from the Coronavirus. We are  leading efforts to strengthen businesses, their employees, and their families by preparing for safe reopening, putting recovery plans into place, and reimagining  a more sustainable and resilient Southwest Michigan economy.

Want to help sponsor the Southwest Michigan Safe Campaign? Your generous contribution will help ensure the success of our efforts and you will be listed as a sponsor below. 


Interested? Contact us at!


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